About The Daily Brew

We really did try to sit down and write a good description of The Daily Brew, but when all of us sat down to brainstorm we ended up singing show tunes and debating whether or not mermaids really exist (conclusion: they definitely do). Luckily one of our awesome customers had already written a review that we believe to be a better description than we could have ever come up with on our own.

By R. Powers:
“There are many factors that make people want to just abandon their job and daily routine to move to Cape Cod: beaches, sunshine, the smell of the ocean, etc. For me, it is definitely a Saturday morning at the Daily Brew.

Upon pulling into the gravel parking lot, you can already get the down-home vibe when you see that the Daily Brew is a converted farm house with lush grass and gardening. Immediately upon walking in, you can see many chalk boards with numerous options for drinks, pastries, and sandwiches craftily drawn in different colors. Once you've decided (which may take a while because everything they serve sounds so appetizing) the staff quickly and enthusiastically takes your order and prepares it right in front of you. You're bound to be happy with whatever you order. The smoothies are refreshing, the sandwiches are practically gourmet, and the pastries are baked with love daily.

The true Daily Brew experience really starts once you've taken your seat. you can either sit at a high top table looking out at the front lawn, a seat in the loft upstairs, or outside on the wood deck in the back. As you sip your drink, time sort of slips away. Free wifi makes surfing the web a breeze, and if you're really looking to get away from it all, ditch the laptop for a good book or the morning paper. This is what vacation is all about. 364 more days of this, please?

The Daily Brew is a nice Zen place for anyone looking to just enjoy a nice morning taking it all in. Block off at least an hour to relax, because you're going to want to stay forever.”